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On-Demand Beauty

GLAMSQUAD was an incredible opportunity to build big features for an established startup. Previously offering only on-demand services, I'm most proud of building out the eCommerce experience on iOS, helping transform the company from a single-service business to a multi-channel beauty brand.

• Lead development of an app which generates millions of dollars of yearly revenue and has tens of thousands of monthly active users

• Reduced the app crash rate from above 5% to below 1%

• Managed junior developers, providing code review and mentorship
• Converted legacy code from Objective-C to Swift using modern best practices
• Automated certificate management and deployment to the App Store


Technologies used:

• GraphQL

• The Coordinator Pattern

• Apple APIs


Film Photography Journal

FilmPad is a passion project born out of the drive to become a better film photographer. With FilmPad, users can quickly log film rolls, cameras, lenses, and exposures.

I conceptualized, designed, built, and shipped the app in early 2018. It was built using only native Cocoa Touch APIs and employed Apple's Human Interface Guidelines to guide the design philosophy.

I've also open sourced components of the app, including the location manager and a custom alert presentation controller. Improvements are always welcome!

Technologies used:

• Core Data 

• Core Location

• UIKit

• Fastlane


Book Local Contractors

AskJack connects consumers to home repair professionals. I worked full-time at AskJack and helped built out many core features, including authentication, scheduling and payments.

As with many startups, I also wore a lot of hats. I helped design the app using Sketch and Photoshop, facilitated communication between engineering and management, and implemented agile methodologies which improved engineering productivity.

Technologies used:

• MapKit

• Alamofire

• Braintree

• Fabric

• Docker


Send Custom Video Cards

Cardly allows users to take video, add custom frames and text, and share them with friends. It was the first app I helped build, as part of a team of colleagues through Flatiron School's iOS Development program. 

The concept in building Cardly was, rather than making a simple CRUD app, to dive deep into one of Cocoa Touch's frameworks. With that in mind, we chose AVFoundation and CoreAnimation. I worked primarily on the video rendering and custom animation layers, which was challenging but in the end incredibly fulfilling. 

Technologies used:

• AVFoundation  

• Core Animation

• Firebase 

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